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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your CPD Requirements?

CPD means ‘Continued Professional Development’ and it’s a requirement for both MFAA members and FBAA members alike. The kind of activities you can engage in to meet your CPD Requirements are quite varied, providing you with a wide selection of educational choices and training options when you are creating your 2017 Training Plan. CPD Points are usually awarded to appropriate activities on a 1:1 ratio, meaning you earn 1 point for every hour you spend learning at an accredited training event.

FBAA members are required to accumulate 25 CPD Hours a year (they call them hours, not points). You can find out more here.

MFAA members
are required to accumulate 30 CPD Points a year. You can find out more about the kind of learning activities they accept on their website here.


How to put together your training plan?

It is important to design yourself a training plan at the beginning of each year, not only to ensure you engage in professional development activities that are genuinely useful for your business, but also to account for how you are going to reach the required number of CPD points or hours within the year. This can be a simple word document or an excel spreadsheet and will keep you on track for meeting your requirements. Your training plan could be as simple as:

Month                 Event                    Points               Total Points